Back in 1973 is where the problems hereto truly started.

This open resource is compiled from County Recorder Records and some Neighbors:

I am a home owner who discovered that some of my neighbors are running a scam. It has cost me thousands of dollars and countless time in research. The County DEH has sided with the perpetrators and I am fighting an uphill battle. I’m looking for opinions on how to approach this complex issued without going to court. If that is my last resort, then here we come.

The Sage community has without question suffered but for a couple of people who are willing to break the law in order to achieve their illicit goals. The Secretary of State does not have a record of a Weber Heights or Weber Valley Heights. Look at the last pic on this page.

In one example I had a County Official write that there is no well drilling permit for my property. Then I had another County Official state the property was inspected since 1990.