Section 4

Five separate recorded subdivisions in the West 1/2 of the Northwest 1/4 of Section 4 took place in late 1968 and early 1969.

Herein, you not only will gain a total realistic picture of who did what division when. Five separately recorded and named subdivision occurred in 1968 & 1969. Record of Surveys (RS) are RS 53/37, RS 53/43, RS 53/47, RS 53/51 and RS 53/53. Note that not one of the 1968 mot 1969 subdivision maps provided detailed roads for ingress and egress access locations, why? Not one recorded deed within County Recorder archives names a fictitious benefactor of Weber Valley anything as having rights of authority to any land within Riverside County.

Without question recorded Grant Deeds provide multiple trails of real property authority transfers 1968 to present. Recorded documentations provided a reference of the recording document numbers related to specific Grantors Those Grantors in turn transfer their interest to a successor in interest, AKA, buyers of recorded surveys related as real property, thereby the buyer is sometimes referred to as a “Grantee”. There you have it, sellers AKA “grantors’ and buyers AKA “grantees”.

Often times Grant Deeds curry additional terms and conditions that are assumed by the buyer. However, for a grantor to leave out or exclude certain conditions of transfer it is nothing uncommon. When a Grantor fails to include pre existing terms and conditions related to real property being transferred many times it is because of the negative effect. Therefore always remember, “Buyer beware”. Sometimes a seller is truly unaware specific conditions exist that a new buyer will be assuming. For that, we have what I tend to call “worthless title insurance”.

The area referred to herein is called, Weber Valley, (WV) the land is located in Sage, CA. A portion of land deed transfers within WV are identified within the west half of the west half of Section 4. Herein our goal is to focus on Section 4 within the WV area.

Grant Deeds for the following properties dated back to 1967. There are photo copied records whereas they were obtained from County of Riverside, County Recorder’s records.

The following parcel map identified a few different road locations.

The 1983 map as shown above clearly identified where Fay Road was located and the road was avvepted as being 30 foot in width.

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