Book 53-37

A record of survey map was officially filed December 3, 1968 and recorded in book 53 as page 37. The singular requester was named Virginia Galland as shown on the map. Identified, herein, are facts related to Section 4. That filing 53-37 depicted the west half (1/2) of the west half (1/2) of that north west quarter of section 4.

In 1968 two (2) Govt lots were preexisting prior to recording subdivision 53/37. The area being subdivided started as two 40 acre sections, a total of roughly 80 acres. The following map shows four (4) twenty plus or minus (20+or-) acre lots. Those four lots were then subdivided into four five +/- acre lots for a total of sixteen five acre +or- lots in gross. The subdivision Records of Survey are all in book 53 as follows 53/43, 53/47, 53/51 and 53/53. Shown hereto within are copies of the original Records of Survey from 1968 and 1969.

The Assessors map 571-03 in January 1970 identified these following parcels as shown below,
RS 53/43– 1 (15), 2 (16), 3 (17), 4 (18)
RS 53/47–1 (9), 2 (35), 3 (37), 4 (36)
RS 53/51– 1 (12), 2 (11), 3 (33), 4 (32)
RS 53/53–1 (38) (39), 2 (23), 3 (22), 4 (21).

The Assessor map is somewhat confusing at first. Each subdivision of 53/37 identified parcel numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. Those parcels were further sub divided into 16 separately identified taxable parcels. The Assessor map provides a view of each parcel ID based on the map number such as 571-03.
Here is an example of the Assessor parcel numbers on map 571-03. This TIN number, 571-030-015, refers to RS 53/43 lot 1 (15) as seen in the upper left of Assessor map 571-03. That number 571-03 identify the map page. The -032 identify lot 4 as seen and cross referenced to Record of Survey book 53 at pager 53 par-4 assessors lot#(32) on map 571-03. On the bottom of map 571-03 you can see those PM numbers related to the Parcel Map. All of the information hereto is simple to process but you need to fully understand the mapped processing code.

Below is a picture of the two Assessor maps (571-03 and 571-04) together show an entire “Section 4”, with the respective parcel ID’s so numbered. Note; the 1970 location of Record of Survey in book 53 page 47 par 3 AKA Assessor tax ID 571-030-037 commonly known by the street address 44135 Perryman Lane. That parcel is shown as parcel 37 as the west 1/2 of the south east 1/4 of the northwest 1/4 of the northwest 1/4 of the Section 4, Assessor map #571-03.

Clearly identifiable the County of Riverside Assessor map (below) shows 571-03 on the upper left.
In the lower left, take note, its dated January 1970.

Pictured below is Assessors map 571-04, it depicts properties located in the southern portion of section 4. This map fits into the above map 571-03, that being the northern portion of section 4.

The two maps combined are shown below.

Both maps RS 53-37 and RS 53-40 provide unquestionable reference to a location being the West 1/2 of the west 1/2 of Section 4. RS 53-40 shows the West 1/2 in the Northwest 1/4 of the southwest 1/4 of Section 4.

When the Assessor map 571-03 and 571-04 are joined the bigger picture of Section 4 is formed.

Next is Record of Survey 53-40 (RS 53/40) recorded December 20, 1968, by Thomas Johnson. Seen within RS 53/40 the drawing clearly displayed “RS 53/37” as being directly north of RS 53/40.

Make no mistake, RS 53-37 was not benefactor thereto subdivision map RS 53/40, period.

Recording dates provide proof RS 53-37 was followed by Record of survey book 53 page 40.

All of the taxable apn’s associated with RS 53-40 start with 571-040- 0XX.
The four separate lots as seen below have unique APN’s from left to right starting with

571-040-001 in order
571-040-002 followed by
571-040-003 and finally

Whereas the lot numbers shown on RS 53/40 run from left to right, therefore, translated to RS 53/40 par 1 Assessors parcel number 571-040-001, followed by RS 53/40 par 2, Assessors Parcel Number (apn) 571-040-002 address of 44100 Ginger Circle and RS 53/40 par3, is AKA, APN 571-040-003 postal address 44144 Ginger Circle. Finally the last one on RS 53/40 is APN 571-040-004, AKA RS 53/40 par 4 having the common postal address 44240 East Benton Road.

The next recorded Record of Survey related to the western 1/2 of the west 1/2 of the Northwest 1/4 of Section 4 is seen in Book 53 page 43.

January 3, 1969, Record of Survey in map book 53 page 43 (below) was recorded.

Survey 53-43 was followed by survey 53-47 in book 53 on page 47. That survey shows the southern 1/2 of the northwest quarter of the northwest quarter, AKA, Assessor parcel number 571-030-037 measurements shown within map RS 53-47 lot #3.

February 26, 1990 an application for drilling a well (below) was in fact submitted to the County of Riverside. That application clearly identified Assessor parcel number 571-030-037-0, lot #3, RS 53/47 as shown hereto. County Ordinance 682 effective January 1, 1990 as it applied to all new wells being excavated.

There were requirement related to all new wells as noted December 31, 1989 within County of Riverside, Ordinance 682, “Section 3″.

A. No person or entity, or agent, contractor, subcontractor, representative, or employee
thereof, shall dig, drill, bore, drive, reconstruct or destroy (1) a well that is to be, or has
been, used to produce or inject water, (2) a cathodic protection well, (3) a monitoring
well or (4) geothermal heat exchange well, without first filing a written application to do
so with the Department, and receiving and retaining a valid permit as provided herein.

Said written application shall contain a statement which is substantially in the
following form: I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of
California that the information furnished as part of this application is true and correct. I
also understand that I am legally obligated to obey all requirements of state law and
Riverside County ordinances in connection with the approval of this application.
Property Owner’s Signature _______________ Date ___________

B. No person or entity shall engage in any activity subject to the jurisdiction of this
ordinance without first paying all applicable fees to the Department of Environmental
Health for each activity in the amounts set forth in Riverside County Ordinance No.
671 and any subsequent amendments thereto. 

. Any person who shall commence any work for which a permit is required by this
Department without having obtained a permit therefore, shall, if subsequently granted
a permit, pay double the permit fee for such work; provided, however, that this
provision shall not apply to emergency work when it shall be established in writing to
the satisfaction of the Director that such work was urgently necessary and that it was
not practical to obtain a permit before commencement of the work. In all cases in
which emergency work is necessary, a permit shall be applied for within three (3)
working days after commencement of the work. The applicant for a permit for any
such emergency work shall, in any case, demonstrate that all work performed is in
compliance with the technical standards of Section 10. of this ordinance.
D. An application for a permit to construct a water well, monitoring well, cathodic
protection well, or geothermal heat exchange well shall be submitted to the
Department on a form and in a manner prescribed by the Department, and shall
include the following information:
l. A Plot Plan showing the proposed well location with respect to the following
items within a radius of five hundred feet (500′) from the well:

a. Property lines, including ownership.
b. Sewage or waste disposal systems (including reserved waste disposal
expansion areas), or works for carrying or containing sewage or waste.
c. All intermittent or perennial, natural, or artificial bodies of water or
d. The approximate drainage pattern of the property.
e. Other wells, including abandoned wells.
f. Access road(s) to the well site.
g. Structures.

Location of the property with a vicinity map including the legal description of the property (Assessor Parcel Map/Tract Map Number, Township, Range and Section).

The owner name was identified as a “Weber Valley Heights Assn.,
The owner address shown is 44135 Perryman Lane, as seen below.
Additionally to provide clarity “lot 3 -RS 53/47” was written on the application.

There is no doubt a “WELL DRILLING PERMIT No. 16245” was in fact issued on
February 27, 1990.

Detailed facts related to permit #16245 and that February 26,1990 application therefore are unmistakable and were intentionally provided to benefit RS 53/47 lot 3. Those facts were officially noted and are currently maintained within County of Riverside Department of Environmental Health archives. As shown on permit #16245 it was issued for use at a specific “PHYSICAL ADDRESS of WELL”, that being noted as 44135 PERRYMAN LANE. APN 571-030-037-0.

In order the information related to Record of Survey’s were in fact recorded as 53/37, 53/40, 53/43, 53/47, 53/51 and last recorded 53/53. Not one surveyed map provided for access roads nor any existing road way or pathways.

By information contained herein you not only will gain a total realistic picture of who did what division but when it was completed. So noted herein are six (6) separately recorded and named subdivision occurred in 1968 & 1969. They are, Record of Surveys (RS) are RS 53/37, RS 53/40, RS 53/43, RS 53/47, RS 53/51 and RS 53/53. Note that not one of the 1968 mot 1969 subdivision maps provided detailed roads for ingress and egress access locations, why? Not one recorded deed within County Recorder archives names a fictitious benefactor of Weber Valley anything as having rights of authority to any land within Riverside County.

Without question recorded Grant Deeds provide multiple trails of real property authority transferred from 1968 to present. Recorded documentations provided a reference of the recording document numbers related to specific Grantors Those Grantors in turn transferred their interest to a successor in interest, AKA, buyers of recorded surveys related as real property, thereby the buyer is sometimes referred to as a “Grantee”. There you have it, sellers AKA “grantors’ and buyers AKA “grantees”.

Often times Grant Deeds curry additional terms and conditions that are assumed by the buyer. However, for a grantor to leave out or exclude certain conditions of transfer it is nothing uncommon. When a Grantor fails to include pre existing terms and conditions related to real property being transferred many times it is because of the negative effect. Therefore always remember, “Buyer beware”. Sometimes a seller is truly unaware specific conditions exist that a new buyer will be assuming. For that, we have what I tend to call “worthless title insurance”.

The area referred to herein is called, Weber Valley, (WV) the land is located in Sage, CA. A portion of land deed transfers within WV are identified within the west half of the west half of Section 4. Herein our goal is to focus on Section 4 within the WV area.

Grant Deeds for the following properties dated back to 1967. There are photo copied records whereas they were obtained from County of Riverside, County Recorder’s records.

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