Does the California Constitution matter?

Article 1 was adopted in1879.

The CA Declaration of Rights at SECTION 1 reads,

“All people are by nature free and independent and have inalienable rights. Among these are enjoying and defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and pursuing and obtaining safety, happiness, and privacy”.

I feel that my rights are being violated. I’ve used the following sources to research materials included herein. Real property records are identified by dates, instrument numbers and plaintiff or defendants names and Record of Survey numbers all being available within County of Riverside Recorder Office data base and or County maintained archived records.

The County of Riverside Building and Safety provided proof of existing permits and or the lack thereof. County of Riverside Department of Environmental Health ( herein sometimes referred to as “DEH’). As of Dec. 31, 1990 was mandated to issue permits for the drilling of any new water wells. County Ordinance 682 per DEH achieved Records of facts thereby provided many of the following specific claims made hereinafter.

There’s no doubt that non-movable land and all attached thereto are often considered real property.

In English Common Law, the word property referred not to the thing owned, but rather to the rights which the owner had: the rights to possess, use, encumber, transfer and exclude others. Property consisted of a “bundle of rights” or a “bundle of interests” a person had in a thing, whether the thing was real or personal property. See

County Records have identified that on December 20, 1968, one, Mr. Thomas Johnson had in fact filed and recorded a record of Survey per map book 53 page 40. That Record of Survey “RS 53/40” relates to a 20+ acre subdivision of land. The records show Thomas Johnson had in fact recorded document number #124200. The parcel of land started out as 20 +/- acres. Upon completion a new map RS 53/40 identified four (4) plus or minus 5 acre parcels. In January 1970, the County of Riverside Assessors office map 571-04 clearly showed the following parcels as Assessor Parcel Number (“APN”) from East to West 571-040-004, 571-040-003, 571-040-002 and 571-040-001.

Taking note; by Grant Deed, the Johnson’s transferred legal entitlement of APN 571-040-002 to Charles and Joann Campbell. Thereafter, Charles Campbell sold to Jane and Dale Gladstone, who in turn, sold the same parcel to the Reeds. From April 2007 to present January 27, 2022 the Reeds have remained as owners. The Reeds property included a Grant of Easement for a well located on 571-040-004. Note; that well location was not included as an entitlement right issued by Mr. Thomas Johnson. However, a law suit was filed against one Mr. Charles Reed Jr. in 1982 (no relation to the Reeds herein).
In order to achieve a settlement to the disputed land location, Mr. Charles Reed Jr. provided a grant of Easement in 1985. Shortly thereafter Mr. Charles Reed sold his property and moved on.

That 1985 Grant of Easement from Mr. Charles Reed specifically named portions of land whereas the rights thereto the well would run as an appurtenance to the land. More so, the granted rights were not issued to nor did they identify a Weber Valley Non-profit Association as having entitlements of rights being granted.

Click 1985 to see the 1985 Grant of easement.

Looking at that 1985 easement recitals, ask yourself if you can answer these two questions.
1. Did the rights granted therein include or name any fictitious Business?
2. Did those property owners that are north of RS 53/40 gain an entitlement right by a meritless fraud claim made by a defunct Non-profit Association as written in its bylaws?

Here is the kicker, looking back to 1973 a group of documents provide a basis of fraud. People were making claims of ownership to something not owned by a defunct non incorporated non-profit association.

For the record, to the north of Thomas Johnson’s northern most parcel line the recorded owner Virginia Galland had subdivided 80 acres of land and recorded a record of Survey 53/37. It appears Virginia Galland’s 80 acre subdivision was a portion of Government land prior to her record of survey. That survey map 53/37 created four (4) separate twenty (20) +/- acre parcels. Virginia Galland sold off her interest to four separate buyers. A couple of weeks after Thomas Johnson’s survey 53/40 was recorded the record of survey in book 53 page 47 was recorded as document #2420. January 1969, County of Riverside identified assessment ID numbers per Assessors map 571-030.

Make no mistakes in 1968 and 1969 there were completely separate interest having ownership rights of authority to separate real properties shown by map RS 53/40 and RS 53/47. Virginia Galland and Thomas Johnson had at least one thing absolutely in common, it was a property line.

Virginia Galland’s southernmost property line abutted Thomas Johnson’s Northernmost parcel line. Not one parcel seen on either of those maps 53/37 or 53/40 was ever recorded as being owned by a fictitious Non-Profit business entity. Therefore any claim of land ownership rights being held by a defunct business called Weber Valley Heights Non-Profit was in fact fraudulent in nature. When assessors map 571-030 and 571-040 are combined they provide a mapped picture of Township 7 Section 4

Record of Survey in book 53 page 47 clearly created 4 parcels. Each parcel is roughly five (5) plus or minus acres. Note this fact; RS 53/47 exact boundaries were officially recorded January 9, 1969. All boundaries seen within record of survey 53/47 instrument #2420 are not connected in any way to RS 53/40. Ownership rights of authority to RS 53/47 pars 1-4 were first transferred from Eugenia Ridgely, to the following grantees on these recorded dates.

Par. -1, Dorothy Armstrong, May 20, 1977, instrument #91081 became assessor ID# 571-030-009.
Par -2, Edith Gilchrist, August 25, 1980 instrument #153117, assessor ID# 571-030-035.
Par -3, Roger Schmid April 12, 1984 instrument #74567, assessor ID# 571-030-037.
Par -4, Robert Bley July 12, 1984 instrument #74568 and assessor ID# 571-030-036.

Those transferals are named and associated with the corresponding instrument numbers as shown above. Not one Grant Deed mentioned a Home Owners Association of any kind. Therefore, some questions need to be answered. How, when, and by what means of instrument did Weber Valley Heights Non-Profit Association become a land owner? I found the question of when can not be answered because not one record of entitlement naming the association exist other than those erroneously issued permits that DEH freely passed out.

Record of Survey, book 53 page 47 parcel 3 APN 571-030-037 was fist sold as identified with the following separate interest owners of one 5 acre lot,

County records show that on February 26, 1990, Record of Survey 53/47, Parcel 3 rights of authority belonged exclusively to Mr. Roger and Jennie Schmid as was recorded April 12, 1984 per instrument #74567.

However on February 26, 1990 the County of Riverside Department of Environmental Health accepted an application having false information within. That application was submitted in violation of County Of Riverside Ordinance 682 Section. Where was a check and balance within DEH standards and operational procedures identifying legal entitlement rights related to the application?

Additionally, Riverside County Ordinance 682 clearly provided certain requirements of law.


Riverside County Ordinance 682

Section 3, reads in part

“Property Owner’s Signature _________________ Date ____________“,

Therefore, I ask where is the owner of APN 571-040-002 or 571-030-037 signature?

Per inspection records what documents identify 44100 Ginger Circle?

A. The Director may revoke or suspend a permit issued pursuant to this ordinance
upon a finding that:

  1. A determination of violation exists.
  2. Said determination has been sent to the permittee by first class mail in the form of a written notice specifying the violation.
  3. The permittee has failed or neglected to correct the violation within twenty (20) days from the date the written notice is mailed.
    B. A permit violation exists where any of the following conditions are present:
  4. The permit was issued in error.
  5. The permit was issued on the basis of incorrect information supplied by the permittee.
  6. The permittee violated any of the provisions of this ordinance or the conditions and requirements attached to the permit.

This following application identified an association as the owner. That was without question incorrect. County Recorder records provide proof of ownership and authority thereto that parcel of land.This application for a well drilling permit failed to name Roger Schmid as the real property owner.

THE LEGAL DESCRIPTION shown above and the owner named are clear. A legal and documented application sates, “Owner Name, Weber Valley Heights ASSN., Assessors Parcel Number, 571-030-037 -0 lot 3 – RS 53/47 Physical address of well same as owner’s address above and “yes” is identified with an “XX” .”

Did a willful intent to circumvent County Ordinance 682 occur?

County of Riverside Ordinance 682 as it applied to all new wells drilled after December 31, 1989.

Ordinance 682
A. No person or entity, or agent, contractor, subcontractor, representative, or employee
thereof, shall dig, drill, bore, drive, reconstruct or destroy (1) a well that is to be, or has
been, used to produce or inject water,

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the information furnished as part of this application is true and correct. I also understand that I am legally obligated to obey all requirements of state law and Riverside County ordinances in connection with the approval of this application.
Property Owner’s Signature _________________ Date ____________“.

County Ordinance 682 is/was applicable to all new wells effective January 1, 1990. The Weber Valley application document was processed by County Officials on February 26, 1990.

Thereafter, the County Officials fully processed an erroneous application that then somehow led to the well drillers permit #16245. No matter how you slice those interrelated facts, that permit was issued having an erroneous owner named. The February 26, 1990 well driller application intentionally provided information related to a fictitious business as being the real property owner. Official County records and Secretary of State records are testament the fictitious business called Weber Heights Assn. truly was fictitious. Whom ever was the makeup per CA Business and Professions Codes were not the land owner of APN 571-030-037 or APN 571-040-002 or per CA Corp Code, either then, nor is it now. The Secretary of State and the County of Riverside both fail to have a Doing Business As (AKA, DBA) on file for that fictitiously named property owner (See, CA B&P code 17900-17930). County of Riverside Recorded documents and Tax records fail to name Weber Valley Heights Assn. on a single Grant Deed. What document named the Association as the benefactor in interest (See, CA Civil Codes “ownership”). Not one Grant of Easement related to APN 571-040-002, 571-040-004, 571-040-003 or 571-030-037 granted ownership or entitlement of land rights to any fictitious business. Therefore, the named real property owner on permit #16245 was as much then, as is now, 100% in fact erroneous and fictitious.

The Board of Supervisors of the County of Riverside, Ordains that Ordinance No. 682 is amended in its entirety to read as follows:


A. The Director may revoke or suspend a permit issued pursuant to this ordinance
upon a finding that:

  1. A determination of violation exists.
  2. Said determination has been sent to the permittee by first class mail in the form
    of a written notice specifying the violation.
    1. The permittee has failed or neglected to correct the violation within twenty (20)
      days from the date the written notice is mailed.

      B. A permit violation exists where any of the following conditions are present:
    2. The permit was issued in error.
    3. The permit was issued on the basis of incorrect information supplied by the
    4. The permittee violated any of the provisions of this ordinance or the conditions
      and requirements attached to the permit.

The well application for permit #16245 provided truthfulness as to the address and APN 571-030-037 being the intended specific target location for that permit. The benefiting party to a well at 44135 Perryman Lane would later become Deborah St Pierre and Robert Franko. That address, 44135 Perryman Lane, more so combined with the Assessor Parcel Number (APN) 571-030-037 and Record of Survey (RS), RS 53-47 lot 3 are all clearly identified within County Recorder records.

The facts related to permit 16245 thereby provided clarity of an exact unquestionable intended location for use. Many years later in 2002, APN 571-030-037 would transfer authority of ownership from Roger Schmid to the currently named Grant Deed owner as seen on Doc # 2002-240873.

The present owners (2002 to current) of 44135 Perryman lane are Robert Franko and Deborah St Pierre as shown above. The two have claimed Weber Valley Heights non-profit Association somehow owned land. The claim of ownership factor dates back to a group who in 1973 wrote bylaws having fraudulent claims. The defunct non-profit never manifest itself as a viable land owner or business entity per County Recorder records or Department of Equalization Records. However the charade continues.

Sometime after August of 2010 false claims were made to Riverside County Department of Environmental Health ( hereinafter “DEH”) thereby identifying the permit #16245 plus the specific application address, APN 571-030-037 and RS 53/47 lot 3 were all erroneously completed on the application for a permit. Where did DEH get their info from?

Documented facts related to a 400 ft deep well have an invoiced date showing April of 1990. The invoice indicates that a well was drilled as specified on the invoice. That well may very well have been drilled on real property now owned by Bob and Debbie.

Be it know hereinafter the real property ownership title of authority thereto any and or all respective lands referred to herein on maps, exhibits and or otherwise hereto and or in question hereto all have failed to name any formal and or informal Weber Valley Heights non-profit Association as a recorded Grant Deed or Grant of Easement owner. That singular standalone association is not on any notarized entitlement record having authority thereof any land within the County Recorders archived records as of July 4, 2021. See, CA Civil Code related to real property ownership.

Note this fact; Charles and or Joann Campbell did not sign that February 26, 1990, application to drill a well, nor is that application in any way related to the January 1970, APN #571-040-002 AKA, 44100 Ginger Cir.

Per County Ordinance section 682,

Ordinance 682 mandates a permit shall expire 6 months after issuance date. A well drilling permit per County ordinance 682 section 3 needed to provide and clarify the legally entitled owner and address along with the pertinent APN. The well drilling application submitted on February 26, 1990 clearly included APN 571-030-037 as seen on the January 1970 Assessors map 571-03. Whomever it was completing that February 26, 1990 application for well drilling paperwork was not the land owners of record. There was no doubt that they were identifying one specific location as seen on permit #16245. That one intended address was processed and the application approved. The application approval followed with permit #16245 being issued. That permit #16245 undeniably provided a fictitious owners name and intended use address. Plus the application clearly verified the intended “physical address of well” as checked “same as owners address above”. The name on permit # 16245 erroneously identified “Weber Valley Heights Assn.” as the owner, wrong owner. Additionally the location of one (1) proposed well “44135 Perryman Lane” and ‘Assessor Parcel Number 571-030-037-0″. Here is a fact, Bob Franko and Deborah St Pierre currently own RS 53-47 par 3 as seen on the well permit. The application required an assessor parcel number as a second source of reference. Intentionally and unquestionably the APN #571-030-037-0 was unmistakably given as the property target. If the association fails Bob Franko and Deborah St Pierre’s lies come to an end.

I ask this of DEH County Officials, who is the person(s) that was providing embellished stories that are confused with realities related to a fictitious Business name to County DEH officials? Who benefits if the County falls for the lies that were told?

Per section 105.1 (2019 California Building Code, CBC):
Where any owner or authorized agent intends to construct, enlarge, alter , repair, move, demolish or change the occupancy of a building or structure, or to erect, install, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, convert, or replace any electrical, gas, mechanical, or plumbing system, the regulation of which is governed by this code, or to cause any such work to be done, shall first make application to the building official and obtain the required permit. The applicant shall obtain the required building permit(s) from the building department prior to any construction or placement of any building, structure or equipment on the property. The applicant shall obtain an approved final building inspection and certificate of occupancy from the building department prior to any use or occupancy of the building, or structure.

The 240 volt energy source originating from 44240 East Benton Rd. APN 571-040-004 was severed at 44144 Ginger Circle APN 571-040-003.

That permit #16245 was not issued for use at 44100 Ginger Circle APN 571-040-002 and the 44135 Perryman Land APN 571030-037 were never one of the same.

I was left with this question, “Where is a permit for electrical to the well located within those metes and bounds on, RS 53-40 par2, APN 571-040-002, AKA, 44100 Ginger Circle”.

I questioned County Building and Safety,

This email shown below went to County Building and Safety,

The question to Building and Safety, was simple, “What are the exact permits numbers for APN 571-040-002?”

Then, on Tue, Dec 16, 2014 at 8:48 AM, Records @ wrote:
Re: APN: 571-040-002-9/44100 GINGER CIR HEMET

To Whom It May Concern:
In regards to the above referenced address, we have located the following permits:

Permit Number: Use of Permit:
021140 Mobile Home Site Preparation 043432
120185 Mobile Home Site Preparation 300238
124692 Mobile Home Installation 296921

Earlier I had contacted DEH

This is the reply i got from the Department of Environmental Health,

The following information exchange took pace on 12/6/12
Hi Greg
Within our data base and files, a permit to construct a well on this parcel is not available.
Thank you

That was the answer I needed. We are both on the same page. With the fact I have a non-existing construction permit, How do I acquire the required construction permit for the existing well, is my next question?

Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 7:44 AM
To: Greg
Good morning Greg
The well is inspected under permit with the Weber Valley Heights Water System. There is no need to apply for a construction permit for this existing well.

The lies grew from there.

Most real boundaries, as in exact locations, within a country setting are the complete antithesis of looking at standard City street addresses as identification markers.

Be it this is boldly stated, By law that singular permit #16245 was not intended for use at 44100 Ginger Circle. Nor was it ever applicable for use on any parcel other than that as was so named within the permit application.

In 1990

The address 44135 Perryman Lane, Assessor Parcel 571-030-037 is seen on Record of Survey map book 53, page 47 as par 3 aka, “lot 3 – RS 53/47” as par-3 ID (37), See the following map. That combo of information seen on the permit remains unique to one (1) singular parcel. Take note of this fact as mentioned earlier, a fictitious Weber Valley Heights Assn. was not the real property owner on title in 1990, nor is it now. That fictitious business name fails any legally recorded DBA and or grant deeded property authority of ownership records within the County of Riverside recorder records.

This map 571-03 contains the parcel 571-030-037 as identified on and within record of survey 55/47 par 3 as seen on permit 16245.

On 7-23-2010 Deborah St Pierre wrote the following letter to Greg Dollenbach who works for DEH. Did I mention Deborah St Pierre own 44135 Perryman Lane whereas permit 16245 was issue for use at?

This letter in on file archived within Department of Environmental Health County of Riverside files.

The following statement clearly identified two separate systems existed in July of 2010.

This following picture shows a well permit #16245, 53/47 par3 and APN of 571-030-037 right next to FRANKO. However, if you look at the bottom center of that map you’ll see 571-030-037 is showing on Reeds parcel. That APN 571-030-037 is used by the County Recorder to identify 44135 Perryman Lane now owned by Robert J Franko and Deborah St Pierre. That apn 571-030-037 was written is on rs 53-40 PAR2 aka APN 571-040-002 being right next to well #2 that is actually well #3. The well count story is for another page. Well Permit #16245 was mistakenly identified as somehow issued for the Ginger Circle parcel. The February 26, 1990 well drilling application clearly and unmistakably shows Franko’s address 44135 Perryman Lane, APN 571-030-037, Lot 3 RS 53-47 and the well at that location. For unknown reasoning this following map seems to be identifying Reed’s parcel Record of survey 53-40 lot 2, APN 571-040-002 as somehow being APN 571-030-037. APN 571-030-037 “is NOT now” nor was Reeds parcel ever legally identified as 571-030-037. Fact, no matter what is, or was, claimed on that map in DEH archives, APN 571-030-037 never was any portion of APN 571-040-002 period. That fact is proven by recorded County Recorder archived records. Including but not limited to County of Riverside Assessor records.

Therefore, certain specific information that DEH had based legal decisions on remain in fact fabricated embellishments as seen on the map below.

Members as verse Connections = two separATE SUBJECT MATTERS

Two so called board meeting occurred over an 8 year span. As you continue reading herein you will find the minutes related to those two meeting. Take note on the map SMITH # (1) tank. In the meeting minutes from 2004 it reads “Janice Smith requested information on the meter she needs to acquire for the property they purchased from Mark Leuschen” at that time the property was not connected to the water delivery system. In January 2012 the minuted read “Blackwelder property is not hooked into water system, should we charge a $2000.00 hookup fee? Voted and denied. Agreed to just hook them up.”

The recorded minutes truly reflect that in 2004 both Janice Smith and the Blackwelder property were not connected into the water delivery system.

In 2003 a single DEH map file show a connection count as was identified on the map.

As was mentioned permit #16245 was issued for use on record of survey parcel 53/47 par 3 APN 571-030-037 whereas the PHYSICAL ADDRESS OF WELL 44135 Perryman Lane. Make no mistake of that location see RS 53-47.

The following map was annotated thereby clearly identifying three wells #1, #2 and the Reeds #3.

Recorded December 20, 1968 record of survey in book 53 page 40 clearly provided proof of metes and bounds related to sub division 53-40. Each individual parcel 1-4 was sold to separate interest as identified by Grant Deed evidence. Thereby not one grant deed identified a fictitious business entity named Weber Valley Non profit Association as being granted rights to make use of this parcel APN 571-040-002.

This next page is from the January 1970 assessor map AKA 571-04 whereas it identified RS 53-40 additional subject parcels 1,2,3 and 4 as marked in red. Those assessor parcel numbers from left to right are 571-040-001, 571-040-002, 571-040-003 and 571-040-004.

In multiple DEH inspection reports these pictured well location were miss identified as being located at 44135 Perryman lane. The electrical service on the rights was illegally connected utilizing substandard methods that currently remain unpermitted per County required Ordinances and CA Building and Safety Standards.

44240 Benton Road

Take note that electrical box. APN 571-040-004 RS 53-40 par4

Above , 44100 Ginger Circle

That 240 volt electrical energy source pictured above was installed after June 11, 1992. It’s runs from APN 571-040-004 crossing APN 571-040-003 and ending on APN 571-040-002 using 750 plus feet of wire ran from that box located at SE corner APN 571-040-004 AKA 44240 Benton Rd. Both parcels titles were held by separate interest in common dating back to the 1970’s.

map file
Aerial view.

Weber Valley Heights Water Association


September 11, 2004

The meeting was called to order by President, Jack Dickey. Many new property owners/members were attending their first association meeting. All present introduced themselves. Those present were Jack and Della Dickey, Gary and Pat Boer, Lee and Janice Smith, Debbie St. Pierre, Veronica Moore, Martha and Javier Morales, Jeff, Maria, Jett and Tia Hall, Alan and Daniel Lamb, Beverly Heath, <EIoyAranda (guest of B. Heath) , and Chris Knapp (renter of B. Heath).

Beverly Heath has purchased the property previously owned by Paul Klausing, Martha and Javier Morales have purchased the Blackwelder property, the Hall family purchased the property previously owned by Grace Wickham

and Alan and Danielle Lamb now own the property previously owned by Gil and Norma Gaston.

The minutes of the July 13, 2002, meeting were read. Lee moved and Debbie seconded the minutes be approved as read Unanimously approved.

The treasurer’s report was given by Veronica Moore showing a balance of $3,404.63 as of 9/11/04. Debbie moved and Lee seconded the treasurer’s report be accepted as read Unanimously approved.

Correspondence was noted from Earl Blackwelder informing the association they had sold their property to Ms. Morales. He stated that his dues were paid in full and thanked everyone for being good neighbors. Correspondence has been filed.

Maintenance Report:

         1. A 2″ line was completed from the tank to Bob Franko’s meter. This was done to help the pressure

              problems that were occurring. Debbie noted it worked well and has solved the problem.

          2. A2″ supply line leak was repaired on the Leuschen property (now owned by Wendy Andersen).

          3. The water tank automation problem has been repaired.

          4. A 1″ supply line has been repaired.

          5. It was noted that the leveling gauges and the shed have not been completed at this time.

G. Boer, Lee S. moved and seconded the maintenance report be accepted Unanimously approved

Old Business

Jack informed everyone the water line needs to be worked on again. The surface of the road erodes and the water line comes to the surface. Debbie noted that all is okay at the moment, however, when the rains occur, it would be beneficial to work on the line.

Gary will put a water level sight gauge on the tank.

Debbie stated that the control line from the well house to Gordon’s is encased in conduit above ground. This part of the automation is in good shape. The rest of the line from Gordon’s to the tank needs to be encased in conduit

It was noted that the ladder on the tank needs to be repaired. Lee donated a ladder. Vicky noted that they may also have a ladder tall enough for the tank.

New Business

Moore’s phone line will be replaced by the phone company soon. Vicky noted it would be a good time to run a line in the trench at the same time providing the phone company would allow other lines in their trench. There is pipe under Jack’s trailer if this can be accomplished.

New Tank: A new tank is needed. There was discussion of plastic vs. metal tanks. There was also questions as to warranties that may come with or be purchased additionally with the tank An estimate for a plastic tank from Big,

Pete’s was $2000 for a 5000 gallon tank. Vicky volunteered to get pricing information and report back to Debbie

Pat. Vicky asked if the members would install the tank if she had it delivered to the site? Gary said he would be glad to install the tank and would appreciate any assistance from others. Gary moved Beverly seconded we explore costs for a 5000 gallon metal tank with delivery only and approval for a “Vote by Mail” when info is received .

Vicky announced that Weber Valley Heights Water Association now has a new address. Bob and Debbie donated a mailbox which will be located at the comer of R3 and East Benton (the old site of the fire department). The address is 44350 Benton, Hemet, CA 92544.

Debbie asked that the agenda item requesting membership in the water association for the new property they purchased be tabled at this time.

Janice Smith requested information on the meter she needs to acquire for the property they purchased from Mark Leuschen. The meter should rate at cubic feet, not gallons. (FYI: It was noted there are 7.5 gallons per cubic feet and we charge 2 cents a cubic foot.)

State Small Water Association Yearly Assessment: The assessment fees for two wells is $795 per year. There is also quarterly water testing @ $30 per well plus nitrate testing at $83.33. These fees have been raised in past and can be raised again in future.

Sample collections for testing can only be done by a person certified by the State Small Water Association. Bob Franko was certified many years ago. We were informed that testing shows no iron and low bacteria levels in the water. The testing fees are a responsibility of water users and non-water users alike therefore an assessment is called for to fairly divide the billing between all members of the association. (The water usage fees go into the treasury for maintenance needs). Vicky moved and Debbie seconded there be a $100 assessment per year per member for the state water assessment fees. Motion passed unanimously, The fees need to be paid in April or May of 2005. Vicky will bill for the assessment in the next water billing which will give members time to pay in small installments if needed.

There was a discussion of accountability of water intake and outgo. Debbie noted that at this time there does not seem to be an imbalance or water shortage. We now measure the outgo from the tank vs. the usage through each member meter to check for a balance of water usage. There was a discussion of our ability to measure incoming water from the well into the tank. This will be investigated.

Election of Officers

Maintenance: Chris Knapp volunteered to be the meter reader and was elected maintenance officer.

Treasurer: Victoria (Vicky) Moore was elected Treasurer.

Secretary: Pat Boer was elected Secretary.

Vice President: Jeff Hall was elected Vice President

President: Debbie St. Pierre was elected President.

All officers were elected unanimously and thanked for their willingness to serve.

Jack thanked all members especially the new members, for attending and participating. Jack Dickey, outgoing president, is thanked by the members for the time and effort he has given as president of the association.

Bill Moore is also thanked for the many hours he has given providing maintenance.

Meeting adjourned at 3:00 P.M

Respectfully submitted, Patricia Boer,


Weber Valley Heights Water Association


Dear Members,

A meeting for Weber Valley Heights Asso. Members is being called.

DATE: January 14 2012

TIME: 1:00 P.M.

PLACE: Dan Spears Property


1. Review By-Laws

2. Election

3. Review books 2005 thru 2011

NOTE: At the meeting, we will see if ALL MEMBERS have received their subpoena’s for the small claims court. The Judge said ALL MEMBERS must be served. I asked our attorney and was told that every member that is in the Association must be served.

So far, Mr. Hall and myself are the only two that have been served, there is still 16 members left to be served.

My brief will be available to members at the meeting. It has been filed with the court

On my and Weber Valley’s behalf.

Thank You

Deborah St Pierre


The next meeting after September 11, 2004 was in January of 2012.

These are the minutes from that next meeting.

Weber Valley Heights Water Association

Minutes January 14, 2012

The meeting was called to order by the defunct association President Debbie St. Pierre.

That meeting was located on the property of Dan Spears. All those present were Dan Spears, Debbie St. Pierre, Bob Franko, Leroy and Janice Smith, Sherry, Gary Boer, Eric Schaumberger, Tina Ziegler and Jeff Hall.

The Minutes from last meeting were dispersed and discussed. Debbie moved and Jeff seconded the minutes as read. Unanimously voted.

Officers were voted in as follows:

President is Jeff Hall-nominated by Leroy seconded by Bob

Vice President is Bob Franko-nominated by Jeff seconded by Eric

Secretary/Treasurer is Debbie St. Pierre-nominated by Jeff seconded by Gary

  • • Maintenance is Dan Spears-nominated by Leroy seconded by Eric (Leroy, Jeff and Eric to help
  • when needed)


Dan wanted to thank Leroy and Eric for all their help with the water tanks. And thank you to Gary who donated all the supplies for the fix.

Put in by-laws that if property gets sold with an amount owed on water it becomes the responsibility of the new owner to pay. Also procedure is to send a welcome letter to all new owners with a copy of the by-laws.

Dan wanted to put no growing of pot plants in the by-laws but was voted against unanimously. Reasonably cannot specify every item in the by-laws or we would have 500 pages. Each event that comes up will be discussed and voted on by the association at that time.

Debbie- there is $1300.00 in the maintenance fund should we raise rates? Voted and denied.

Blackwelder property is not hooked into water system, should we charge a $2000.00 hookup fee? Voted and denied. Agreed to just hook them up.

Tina audited the association book s and found no discrepancies. She also found that Debbie does not pay herself for office items such as paper, folders, envelopes etc. It was discussed and voted that she needs to reimburse herself for such items and attach receipts to monthly report.

It has been stated that company checks needing 2 signatures cannot be signed by two members of the same family or household.

Gary-where water tanks are located on Murphy rd. are they sitting on his property. Please check easement and let him know.

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